Feeling at ease…

Dear reader,

I know that for the most part I do complain quite a bit on this, my blog of blogs. I also don’t really have anything interesting to say except for how I feel. Today though, I feel at ease…relaxed, peaceful, content, calm…etc. So this entry will be no exception to the “Nothing interesting to say”

This is on the door to my cabinet full of samurai weasels

This is on the door to my cabinet full of samurai weasels

It’s because for the first time in a long time, all things seem possible. I have a wife who loves me, I have a job where I am valued, and I have a future that feels, for the most part, achievable. I know that almost all of these feelings are because of my new position. It gives me the latitude and the authority to do my job as I see fit while not really answering to anyone about my methods. It feels great. I am in control and I’m loving it.

I know that I am by no means “rich” but I finally do make enough money not to fret over every little purchase. Such as food or gasoline, and let me tell you, the effects of having that type of fear removed is immense. I’m finally sleeping full nights, and able to keep my emotions in check better. Those that know me would say that I don’t have a problem with emotions, and they’d be correct, but I still feel like I’m letting my emotions run me from time to time, and that is all together something i’m not comfortable with. I want my brain to run the show, all the time. But I digress…

Crap...one got out.

Crap…one got out.

I’m realizing that nobody will probably ever read these and i’m okay with it. It’s just a way for me to vent, and increase that feeling of ease…Today at this moment my life is going very, very well.

Thanks for reading.

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